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9/13/06 02:24 pm - Update about college time?


I love Oberlin. Oberlin is the best college I could have possibly gone to. I love (almost) everyone in my dorm. My first night of orientation was uneventful, but the second night my friend Matt decided a trip to the reservoir was in order. The reservoir isn't really a reservoir, but it is a large lake in Oberlin. To get to the reservoir, you need to pass this random stone tower called the Arb. We went with about 25 other people we convinced to go, and everything past the stone tower was incredibly dark and it was really hard to see. When we found the reservoir, we saw the sign in front of it: "$100 fine for swimming in lake." Fuck yeah. About 10 people jumped in. Then the cops showed.

Bad, as I'm only in my underwear.

I ran for about a minute before putting my clothing on. We all went back to our dorm, Dascomb, before deciding to go to the sco, the club here in Oberlin. There I saw Alex, who I ended up spending all night with. Later, when walked out of our dorm with numerous blankets, no one else was in the lounge. He was the only one still awake. We stayed in the park, and it was fucking cold.

Oberlin is really cold at night. Everyone here makes fun of me for thinking it's constantly fucking freezing.

Oberlin is like a sovereign nation. You can do anything you want here. United States drug laws? Don't apply. Drinking age? Never heard of it.

So I'm pretty happy =) I really like the people I've met here. I'm not super close to anyone, but there are lots of people I'm completely comfortable spending time with. I was called outgoing by someone, which is completely new to me because I always thought I was pretty standoffish. I don't know. I think being in Ohio makes me friendlier.

So many different things have happened the past two weeks that it's hard to remember it all. My classes are good, but nothing incredibly exciting.

I've gotten a lot of late night pizza, spent the night in Tappan Square (the park) twice, has an awesome time in North Quad one night, spent a lot of time in the sun at Wilder Bowl, hardly slept at all, had too much of everything, had my roommate wonder where I was all night quite a few times, heard shitloads more music than I thought I would (almost everyone here plays an instrument well/amazingly well), and I've hardly done any homework.

I like it here.

8/13/06 10:34 am

Loose FurCollapse )

7/23/06 05:43 pm

I got a facebook. Yay! Add me!


3/6/06 07:28 pm

I got into Oberlin College.

yes yes yes

2/14/06 04:46 pm

Christmas in MelbourneCollapse )

1/31/06 05:08 pm

I got into Hampshire.

With a scholarship.

And they gave me a bracelet with the school motto.

I'm incredibly happy right now.

12/26/05 02:54 pm

My weekend was nice. I spent it in Melbourne. I took many pictures that I will post later.

So far I've received letters from the Kalamazoo (1 2) and Antioch (1 2) colleges. I was accepted at both.

Antioch was my safety, and Kalamazoo actually looks really interesting. There's also more than one college in the city of Kalamazoo, which makes me smile.

Also: Someone kicked my car. You bitches.

12/4/05 11:37 pm

When you're back in your old neighborhood
The cigarettes taste so good
But you're so misunderstood
You're so misunderstood

There's something there that you can't find
You look honest when you're telling a lie
You hurt her but you don't know why
You love her but you don't know whyCollapse )

11/29/05 06:43 pm

THERE'S AN SNL SKIT MOCKING HAMPSHIRE (and burnouts in general)

Jimmy Fallon calls the school HEMPshire in one of the episodes.
It's called Jarrett's Room

Also: Girl with peanut allergy dies after kiss.
Ms. Steinig mentioned that to me today. Thank god I've always told my boys to brush first.

(edit: for some reason i removed comments.)

11/27/05 08:52 pm

I saw Rent again today.

It made me realize how much the play sucks placed out of the stage.
At least for me. The characters become empty shells.

And it was way too happy.Collapse )

Victor's condo was fun last night. Luke's birthday thing was fun on Friday. I got to eat Potato Pancakes this morning. They were yummy.

I hated Thanksgiving. I do not wish to comment on it at this moment. I sincerely hope every one had a much better time than me.

My deck/dock is being fixed. Our dock flew off during the hurricane, and the pilings supporting the deck were rotting... so taking care of that was a very good idea.

I smiled a lot today.
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